Special Promotion Bangkok Credit Cards

Terms of use

  1. Special privileges for Bangkok Bank Credit card holders in booking car rentals with Drive Car Rental / Call center Tel. 02- 821 5992 during 15 Jan 2023 – 30 Jun 2023
  2. Have a valid driving license
  3. Please present the credit card used to reserve the car and pay by credit card on the day of rental car pick up.
  4. This price includes personal accident insurance, car insurance SCDW and tax (SCDW does not cover damage from Wheels, Tires, and Windscreen).
  5. Renter must be at least 21 years old to rent a car. Primary drivers and supplementary drivers must have a valid driving license, passport or identity card. Show when picking up the car Drivers must have a safe driving record and their license must be valid for at least 1 year and their license has not expired.
  6. The tenant must have a driver's license or international driving license or a Thai driving license translation document.
  7. The renter must be the owner of the credit card and that credit card must have a sufficient credit line for renting a car at a minimum of 10,000 baht or more.
  8. Deposit Limit : Deposit will be pre-authorized from your credit card. depending on the car model rented Small cars with 1.0-1.6 cc engine, deposit limit of 10,000 baht, and large cars with engine 1.8 cc or more, deposit limit of 20,000 baht. This deposit amount will be refunded to your credit card once the customer has returned the car. and is in perfect condition according to the specified conditions
  9. In the event that the company wants to deliver the car outside the location, the company provides the following pick-up service:
    - Free car pick-up service for customers who rent a car for more than 7 days
    - For a distance of 21 - 30 kilometers, the price is 321 baht / trip.
    - For a distance of 31 – 50 kilometers, the price per trip is 535 baht / trip.
    - For a distance of 51 - 70 kilometers, the price per trip is 749 baht / trip.
    - For pick-up and delivery services in other provinces and those that exceed 70 kilometers or more (cost according to distance)
  10. Able to return the car late for 1 hour
  11. This promotion cannot be reserved or used during the blackout periods of 19 Jan - 29 Jan 2023 and 12 Apr - 16 Apr 2023
  12. Ask for more information and reserve the car in advance Before traveling, Call Center 02 821 5992 to Reservation Department (daily 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM)
  13. The company reserves the right to refuse to accept reservations if there is no vacant car during long holidays and festivals.