Thailand ranks as one of the world’s top destinations for both short and long-term travellers. With well over thirty million annual tourist arrivals, it’s no wonder that many people choose to rent a car for the duration of their trip. Whether it’s to explore the beaches of the south of Thailand or renting a car in Chiang Mai to see its picturesque mountains, the freedom of having your own vehicle adds infinite possibilities. 

Renting a Car as a Foreigner

How to rent a car in Thailand is the same as anywhere else in the world. You’ll be asked for a valid driver’s licence and passport, and you’ll need to sign documents related to the terms and conditions of the rental car. 

Acceptable Licences

Rental companies will allow you to rent a car with only a valid licence from your home country and passport, and driving in Thailand on a valid foreign licence is legal under UN law. However, some municipalities may require you to carry an IDP (International Drivers Permit). 

This is a simple document to obtain, and many reputable companies can be found online that can issue an IDP, provided you have a current valid licence in your home country. 

Make Sure You Have Insurance

While minimum levels of insurance are included with many car rental agreements, you should always make sure that you pay for additional protection.

Thailand’s roads and drivers are relatively safe, but there are many drivers who may not have insurance and will be unable to pay should they be at fault in an accident. This means that full coverage insurance is the best option to make sure you’re covered completely, no matter the circumstances. 

Why Rent a Car in Thailand?

Scenic Views Are Everywhere

Thailand has road infrastructure that rivals many Western countries, both in terms of its reach into remote areas and the quality of its maintenance.

There are plenty of beautiful views and unusual attractions just outside of many cities in Thailand. If the road to get there has a number assigned to it, you can rest assured that the road is maintained by the government and is likely in good shape. 

There are enormous statues of Lord Buddha and rice terraced hills that look like something straight out of the pages of National Geographic. Around every turn, an exciting new view awaits. 

Escape the Heat by Visiting the Clouds

If you’re fortunate enough to be visiting the mountainous areas of Thailand, plan to take a drive into the mountains. Just be sure you rent a car with a larger engine if you plan on taking a car full of your travel companions into the larger mountains. 

With a temperature change of one degree Celsius for every one hundred metres of elevation change, even small mountains can make a big difference when it comes to beating the heat. Even in the driest of Thailand’s hot season in April and May, you’ll find most mountain tops are lush and green, thanks to the condensation that forms at the mountain tops every night. 

If you want to see Thailand at its coldest, you can even visit Doi Inthanon, the 2,565-metre monster that is the highest mountain in The Land of Smiles. Every year, thousands of Thais flock to the mountain in January for the chance of seeing snow as the temperature drops below zero and frost appears on the ground. Experiencing a tropical climate at the bottom of the mountain while frost dusts its top is a truly unforgettable experience. 

Enjoy Yourself With an Easy Car Rental

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and with a rental car at your disposal from DriveCarRental, you can see it all on your own terms.For more tips and tricks when it comes to planning your Thailand trip, be sure to check out our other posts on rental requirements, such as whether you need insurance to drive a car in Chiang Mai!