Phuket Car Rental (Ton Car Rental)

Ton Car Rental is a local car supplier in Phuket and was selected to become Drive Car Rental partner location for Phuket area in April 2022. Ton Car Rental offer a range of popular vehicle models such as Toyota Yaris, Toyota Vios, Toyota Avanza etc. Renting vehicle with Ton Car Rental is worry free as the rental terms & conditions as the same as Drive Car Rental and Ton Car Rental has been trained to provide the same service level as for Drive Car Rental. Renting a vehicle from Ton Car Rental also require no deposit.


Car Rental Phuket Airport

Ton Car Rental is located just a few km off the airport location and can provide meet & greet service at the airport location or deliver the vehicle to your hotel. Ton Car Rental offers competitive rates and a variety of vehicles to choose from. Guests to Phuket can reserve their car ahead of time through Drive Car Rental website or call us to reserve the vehicle. We also offer special promotions on car rentals throughout the year.


Car Rental Collection and Rental Return Instructions

To collect your vehicle, A representative will meet you at Phuket Airport’s Arrival Hall, Gate 3, and will pick you up, and deliver the vehicle at Ton Car Rental office.

To return your vehicle, please contact Ton Car Rental before arriving and drop off the vehicle at Ton Car Rental office. Ton Car Rental staff will be waiting to complete the check-in process.