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How old do you have to be to rent a car?

The minimum age to rent vehicle is 21 years of age.

Is there an additional driver fee?

There is no additional charge for additional driver however the driver must provide relevant documents such as driving license and identity card or passport.

Methods of Payment Guidelines

Credit Cards:
The credit card must be presented with available credit, in the renter’s name. The signature must match the name imprinted on the card.
Debit Cards:
We do not accept debit cards.
Not all locations accept cash.
What credit card can I use?
American Express, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Union Pay

What do I need to show you when renting a car?

Credit/charge card and/or purchase order or pre-paid voucher. You’ll also need your Passport or Identification card and driver’s licence. If you are an overseas driver’s licence holder, have a read of our article that discusses the requirement with international licences

What fuel options do you offer?

  • Renter to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas or pay Drive Car Rental at the end of the rental for gas used but not replaced.
  • Price per gallon / liter will be higher than local fuel prices.

What is the driver’s license policy when renting a vehicle with Drive Car Rental Thailand?

Below are driver’s license requirements:

  • In order to rent a Drive Car Rental vehicle, a valid driver’s license from the customer’s country of residence is required and must be presented at time of rental.
  • The driver’s license must be valid for the entire rental period.
  • Expired Driver’s Licenses are not accepted.
  • The license must not have any alterations.
  • The physical description on the license must match the customer’s appearance. The counter agent will compare.
  • The signature on the driver’s license must match the signature on the rental document and on the credit identification used.

If the driver’s license is in a language other than English or Thai, an International Driver’s Permit is required

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Is there a cancellation fee?

There is no cancellation fee for Pay on Arrival. However, in case of prepaid rental, cancelling 48 hours or more has been done before the rental day starts, we will refund the full prepaid amount, and THB 400 fee will be assessed. If there is no cancellation in advance, you will not receive the refund.

How can I do if I would like to extend the date for rental?

You can extend the date for rental by informing details and agreement number through call center: +66 2 7228487 or email: