Tak – Mae Sot Airport (Partner Location)

Meet & Greet: Mae Sot Airport, Tak province A representative will meet you at the arrival hall. Flight number mandatory. Please call +66 (0) 868 985 606 for assistance

Car Rental at Tak

Visitors to the city of Tak can find the most affordable car rental options by looking to Drive Car Rental at Tak Province.

Tak Province

A province in the west that is famous for tourism which has the fourth largest area in the country. Tak is considered an important border province of Thailand with an ancient history since the Sukhothai period. A wonderful province that worth to visit. There are also many natural attractions and beautiful old buildings. A famous tourist attraction is Bhumibol Dam, the first multi-purpose dam in Thailand.

King Ramkhamhaeng Yutthahatthi Chedi built as a memorial. Many other souvenirs such as Miang Kham, a local dish that is very popular in Tak and nearby provinces. There are many national parks and beautiful waterfalls such as Thi Lor Su Waterfall which is the tourism authority of Thailand has named one of the 9 magnificent waterfalls. The ancient history mixed with stunning nature makes Tak province to be a perfect family vacation.

Location and Geography

Tak is 425 kilometers from Bangkok in the west or some places in the lower northern part of Thailand which has the fourth largest area in the country. However, the second most sparsely populated in the country. Tak borders on the north are adjacent to Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Lam Phun and Lampang, The east are adjacent to Sukhothai, Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan and Uthai Thani. The south is adjacent Kanchanaburi. The west is adjacent Karen State, Burma.

What to Do in Tak

  • Thi Lo Su Waterfall
  • Bhumibol Dam
  • Wat Thai Wattanaram
  • Chao Por Phawo Shrine
  • Taksin Maharat National Park
  • The King Taksin Shrine
  • Wat Phra Borommathat


Mae sot Airport in Tak (MAQ) is located about 87 kilometers from Mueang Tak District. Bangkok Airways operate daily direct flight from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) to Mae Sot Airport. Nok Air and Thai Air Asia operate daily direct flights from Bangkok Don Mueang Airport. Numerous transport options are available from the airport to anywhere in the province. It should be noted, however, that unauthorized taxis and public transportation are not allowed within the airport grounds. This limits arriving passengers to renting cars, pre-arranging a pickup, or using an authorized airport transport service.

Airport Location

Drive Car Rental Tak operates 2 km from airport facility, however we offer pick up and return service at the airport. Our agency offers competitive rates and a variety of vehicles to choose from. Guests to Tak can reserve their car ahead of time or visit our counter upon arrival. Take advantage of our stellar customer service and high-quality vehicles. Drive Car Rental Thailand also offers special promotions throughout the year.

In addition to short term rentals, we also offer long term car rental at this location.

Vehicle Collection/Return Instructions

To collect your vehicle, please proceed to the exit of the arrival terminal. Here our friendly staff will complete your rental agreement and vehicle pick up process.

To return your vehicle, please contact our counter before arriving and drop off the vehicle in the temporary parking area in front of departure hall. Our friendly staff will be waiting to complete the check in process.

Learn more about our car rental options or book your vehicle from Drive Car Rental at Mae sot Airport today.